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Narrative Budget Training

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Narrative Budget Training

The Mission Rivers District offered an instructional Zoom Training Session on “How to create a narrative budget.” The training was Wednesday, April 26 at 7:00 pm.  The video is available below, as well as the powerpoint discussed in the training.

Narrative budgets are an important tool for communicating how financial stewardship connects with mission and ministry. Because numbers cannot tell the whole story, a narrative budget fills in the gaps, offering a more comprehensive explanation of how our financial investments are bearing fruit and changing lives. 

This training covered

  • Key steps to creating a narrative budget in your local church or other ministry settings.
  • How a narrative budget expands our understanding of ministry and helps us better evaluate the effectiveness of current ministry initiatives.
  • Helpful ways to communicate a narrative budget to your audience. – Additional resources for further guidance and assistance.

Who would benefit from reviewing this training? 

  • Individuals responsible for making financial requests for the MRD budget
  • Local church Finance Chairs, Treasurers, and Finance Committee Members – Pastors and Lay Leaders 

Why is this beneficial to our ministry goals and objectives?

  • Narrative budgets can engage all members with our budget: providing clarity, and bringing accountability and ownership. 
  • This ensures that we all know that our stewardship matters for the continuing work of God’s kingdom.